Teacher Craziness

Have you ever had some teachers with some outlandish ideas? Maybe they want you to do homework or think that we should “take care of personal hygiene.” Some teachers, however, push just a little too hard with their worldviews.


The problem is when some teachers decide to tell us a little too much information about their thought processes, or implement them in class. We all have these thoughts, like shower thoughts, where we think of something crazy, but some of us just can’t keep it to ourselves/need to experiment on children. On the surface, this is alright, but with teachers (controlling the fate of many students), it’s a little different.


The Optimist-

Teachers expect their kids to finish their homework, maybe even get a couple questions right. That’s understandable, but what isn’t is when the “homework” is more Draconian in nature. An example would be expecting three projects to be completed in one week, which is acceptable, because you had a whole week, right? The optimist has a worldview based on student cleanliness, organization, and preparedness that almost never exists in adolescents. Instead, the Optimist creates disarray, confusion, and hysteria for everyone, especially themselves when they have to explain why they assigned two essays in the span of four hours to administration.


The Sincere-

No complaints here. Sometimes it’s great to just have a real teacher, who is really real with you. This is here as a shout out to those teachers who don’t get enough recognition, who take time to talk with you and be supportive. Maybe their class is hard, but as a person, they are “legit” as they say.


The Suicidal-

This teacher could also be referred to as the “Manliest.” To him (or her), challenge is but a game, which is relatable, it feels amazing to complete Mario 64 in under 6 minutes, but forget to record the footage. The problem is sometimes they feel wrestling a bear might be fun. As a joke, it’s a weak idea, but not horrible- “I want to fight a bear to see how strong I am.” The issue is when it isn’t a joke. When your teacher actually wants to wrestle a bear, or communism, or a tornado. Or Ebola. Or Katrina.


We can all agree, sometimes, teachers just take it too far.


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