Pep(ish) Rallies

How do you promote football games? Sure most kids know about them, but how do you motivate someone to actually leave their house and buy a ticket? Unfortunately, most schools have decided against posters, announcements, or good student section football experiences for pep rallies.


Truly, the pep rally is one of the most ingenious conventions of the modern education system. Not only is it essentially free (at least limited cost) for the school, all those slaves children get to go outside for once! How great is it to force children out of their classes to sit around for an hour while various people yell at them and tell them to yell. Pep rallies are the bane of many students’ lives.


There are many issues with these garish shows of “school pride.” Rarely is one able to sit with one’s friends, as finding someone in the mass of kids is near impossible, and only if you have someone in your class you know can you guarantee sitting with a friend. The school spirit aspect of pep rallies is dampened by the unorganized nature and lack of pep at these tiring gatherings, like a birthday party with an unenthusiastic clown who left his nose at home and spilled coffee on his suit.


Anyone can tell you, no one is really pumped for pep rallies except administrators and sometimes seniors. Otherwise, everyone waits for the cheerleaders and band to finish their routine, and the kids on the football field to yell at them some, and then we leave. This isn’t even mentioning the horror of being a performer at pep rallies. You have to stand and do menial tasks for about 40 minutes, as the student section lazily responds with little to no clapping and a couple cheers. Most of the time, the performances are limited to only a couple, short songs. All in all, pep rallies are just boring wastes of time rather than the brilliant school-bonding exercises they should be.


To be fair, there are a couple times where pep rallies can be fun. Getting out of class is an obvious plus, as is having down time for sleep. During homecoming, there is some pomp to these rallies. If schools invested more into coordinating and enhancing pep rallies, they could be interesting, the possibilities are rather endless, but that would require a level of coordination government run programs aren’t known for.


Hopefully now, you can empathize with the students stuck in the loud, boring, and stale cycles of pep rallies, every football season.

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