The Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop- Pt. 3


Last week I talked about some attributes Mrs. Malaprop expected of her students, but this week, I decided to focus on hers a little more.

This is probably one of, if not the most disorganized teachers to ever exist. After about three weeks, any paper becomes a part of the void, enveloped by the abyss, and cannot be obtained again. This would be acceptable if you only used these papers for about two weeks, but she will put grades in almost four weeks after a test, creating a difficult process to acquire papers. The most prominent example of this was when she quite literally lost an entire class’ tests, which only hurt the students who had to spend time after school to remake the test. She loses quizzes, tests, and other homework articles very often, and then the punishment is once again on the student who has to come back in to redo the “missing work.” Sometimes she loses things twice, and then assigns a random grade ranging from 0-70. This is something she is notorious for,  inserting arbitrary grades as place holders. Sometimes, she just hasn’t graded something, so she gives the whole class the same grade (she did this for a lab test and the class average was a perfect 84.00). Other times, she doesn’t have something, so she’ll put a 50, 70, or- once- a 9.

Another insane example of her disarray requires a little backstory. Sometimes for lab reports, we have peer review, where other students critique each others’ lab reports. A group turned in a poorly made lab report for peer review and then turned in their actual, revised lab report several days later for the final submission, which was to be peer graded. However, in the cesspool of unfiltered hogwash that fills her desk and cabinet, she gave the grading group (group B) the wrong lab report, so despite their best efforts, the graded group (group A)  got a 70 for their lab report. After hearing this, Group A began a feud with group B, lasting almost 3 weeks until Mrs. Malaprop showed them the actual lab report, and group A realized what Mrs. Malaprop had done. It doesn’t end here, because after getting the lab report regarded to a 94, Mrs.Malaprop wanted a second grade for an average, and so rather than having another group grade the lab report, she just gave them an 80 for the other grade. Luckily, group A saw this arbitrary grade, and got her to have another group grade the lab report. If this isn’t enough to prove the inanity of this teacher, I don’t know what is.


“Stay preferred, unlike myself, for next week’s post!”- Mrs. Malaprop

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