The Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop- Pt. 4

Unfortunately, this may be the last publication of the Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop. However, there may still be hope for the future, so until then, here is Part 4!

It is possible students could work around the previous problems we have discussed about Mrs. Malaprop if she was able to increase the speed at which her class is run. Grades come in weeks after they are taken up, homework is collected sometimes a whole month after it was due, and grades usually go in at the last second. Her speed is comparable to that of a drunken tortoise. The time it takes to grade lab tests and lab reports is understandable to a point, given how many students she has, but it is another story when it takes a fortnight to grade a Scantron.

Maybe she doesn’t understand the anxiety students have while waiting for these grades; that students are going to have to spend a lot of time to get a reassessment done. It’s really hard to explain why she does this, because it would be less work to just put in the grades over time so reassessments can be done over time, instead of all at once; kids wouldn’t ask about what they got or when the grade will go in. Her lack of speed ends up creating a death gauntlet for students when the class really gets going, when every day is an important grade. A quiz, then two lab days, another quiz, a lab test, an in class worksheet, a chapter quiz, a review day, a test, etc. A single bad night of sleep or a misjudgment of time can lead to a hard fall in her class, luckily few adolescents ever encounter those circumstances. Her current “system” can place a student in a precarious situation where they have to talk to her about multiple things, to choose between Scylla and Charybdis. Allotting this time is difficult because if you wait too long, the paper will be lost in the abyss of her desk and she may not take your inquiry, or she might actually lose your assessment and you can’t do anything.

Thus, you have to go in over the course of a week or more, going through the grueling process of arguing to get points you deserve back. All the while, because of how much later the grades go in, you are now learning new content, so you have to remember content from weeks past (that was never properly taught) to explain why you should get points back while still trying to learn new content.This is an easily fixable problem, but it was never addressed over the year, even when students continuously mentioned it.Honestly, this class is crazy enough to become a comedy series.

“Be on tempo for next week’s crotchety post!” -Mrs. Malaprop

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