The Festival of PSATurnalia

The Earth has once again completed its revolution around the Sun, and it is the time of the PSAT. A ritual in which adolescents are forced to partake in a modified assessment of their comprehension skills, which decides if they are bestowed the prestigious title of “National Merit Scholar.” One would imagine that such a… Continue reading The Festival of PSATurnalia

Lovecraft Meets High School: A Deconstruction

What is school like for the undeveloped mind of a sleep deprived student? I realized that this theater of madness known as school isn’t so different from that of a Lovecraftian tale(or horror, to be accurate). So I decided to investigate this little theory.   So, what does constitute a Lovecraftian horror? Well according to… Continue reading Lovecraft Meets High School: A Deconstruction

The Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop! This is a slightly longer post.   Malapropos Attitude- Mrs. Malaprop has a warped outlook on how students are supposed to react to situations and how she is supposed to respond to students, like she interprets the world through a kaleidoscope. As I’ve said before,… Continue reading The Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop Part 2

Pep(ish) Rallies

How do you promote football games? Sure most kids know about them, but how do you motivate someone to actually leave their house and buy a ticket? Unfortunately, most schools have decided against posters, announcements, or good student section football experiences for pep rallies.   Truly, the pep rally is one of the most ingenious… Continue reading Pep(ish) Rallies

The Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop

Welcome to my new series including Mrs. Malaprop! You didn’t think she was just going to go away, did you? Here we’ll explore some different scenarios where Mrs. Malaprop’s brilliance truly shone.   Lab Tests: Something I haven’t mentioned about Mrs. Malaprop’s class yet is labs and the lab tests you have to do throughout… Continue reading The Misadventures of Mrs. Malaprop

Teacher Craziness

Have you ever had some teachers with some outlandish ideas? Maybe they want you to do homework or think that we should “take care of personal hygiene.” Some teachers, however, push just a little too hard with their worldviews.   The problem is when some teachers decide to tell us a little too much information… Continue reading Teacher Craziness