How to Survive Mrs. Malaprop’s Class- Pt. 4 FIN

Welcome back, dear reader! Here begins the third installment in “the Guide to Surviving Mrs. Malaprop’s Class.” You may wish to revisit the previous installment from two weeks ago before reading this portion, as there is a level of continuity between the posts. Enjoy! For those of you who want to take the AP exam, don’t… Continue reading How to Survive Mrs. Malaprop’s Class- Pt. 4 FIN

AP Score Armageddon

Good afternoon, dearest reader. As most of you know, AP exam scores were released just recently. Now some of you may not have checked your scores yet, either due to crippling self-esteem issues that prevent you from checking, or because you just didn’t remember (or care enough) to check. If that’s the case, this post… Continue reading AP Score Armageddon