AP Exams

It’s about that season again. That’s right— AP Exams! Kids get to send College Board a hefty ninety dollars to get the chance at some college credit. But, not only that, they have to buy big prep books; the heavier your book, the higher your score. As the rat race continues to study a years… Continue reading AP Exams

The Erudite Comedy- Part 4

To recap, our two guides have passed by Minos, and into a large wall of wind which now hinders them.   We continued into the darkness, past that huge monster. Virgil guided us past the huge walls of twisting wind and the dark rocks. “We just need to get to the edge of the circle,”… Continue reading The Erudite Comedy- Part 4

AP Score Armageddon

Good afternoon, dearest reader. As most of you know, AP exam scores were released just recently. Now some of you may not have checked your scores yet, either due to crippling self-esteem issues that prevent you from checking, or because you just didn’t remember (or care enough) to check. If that’s the case, this post… Continue reading AP Score Armageddon